Largest gilded image on paper
Fanar, Qatar Islamic
6 square metre(s)
Qatar (Doha,Fanar (Islamic Cultural Centre))
The largest gilded image on paper is 6m² (64.58ft) and was unveiled during the Aqlam calligraphy exhibition in Doha (Qatar), during an event organised by Fanar (Islamic Cultural Centre) in Doha (Qatar) on 14 March 2010. The record was broken during an exhibition at Fanar for the arabic calligraphy event called the Aqlam Exhibition. Fanar, who has held a previous Guinness World Records™ title, worked tirelessly along with the gilders and artists Ahmed Chocktan and Ekram Chocktan to set a new Guinness world records title, as this is the first record of its kind. The image measured by height and width was 2.97m x 2.10m (9ft 8.93in x 6ft 10.68in), totalling 6.2m² (64.58ft).