Largest fried rice
Turkey Culinary Federation
3,150 kilogram(s)
Turkey (Bolu)

The largest serving of fried rice weighs 3,150 kg (6,944.56 lbs) and was achieved by the Turkey Culinary Federation (Turkey) in Bolu, Turkey, on 27 September 2014.

Preparation/cooking began at 7:40 am and was completed at 12:40 pm. Ingredients included rice (1,125 kg), water (1,350 l), sunflower oil (135 kg), butter (135 kg), lamb meat (180 kg), mushrooms (180 kg), peas (36 kg), walnuts (45 kg), salt (45 kg), black pepper (9 kg), dill (9 kg), and allspice (4.5 kg). 20 chefs participated in the attempt. The cooking vessel and lid weighs 500 kg.