Largest flaming image using matches
Big Brother - Belgium
329700 total number
Belgium (Vilvoorde)
A group of seven contestants (Bart, Betty, Catherine, Frank, Glenn, Jeroen and Steven) from Belgium's Big Brother TV show, built a fire carpet depicting the show's logo out of 329,700 matches The flaming image measured 10m² (107.63 ft²) when it was lit on19 November 2000. The housemates were given their assignments for the week beginning 12 November, receiving a list of 11 records, two of which were fake (opening and closing a door and putting on as many clothes as possible) but were not told what the existing records were. They then had to bet what percentage of their food budget for the week they were willing to risk.

They eventually decided to bet 25% of their weekly budget, but should have bet more considering they suceeded!