Largest evacuation from land by a single ship
SS Meredith Victory
14000 people
Korea (North) (Hungnam)

During the evacuation of Hungnam, North Korea, in the face of advancing communist forces during the Korean War, the freighter SS Meredith Victory evacuated 14,000 civilian refugees to the safety of Pusan, South Korea between 22 and 25 December 1950. Meredith Victory was one of the last ships to leave Hungnam and thanks to the dangers she faced her entire crew was awarded the Gallant Ship Unit Citation Bar by the US Congress.

Meredith Victory was 138.6 m (455 ft) long and 19 m (62 ft) wide, and as a cargo ship had only 12 berths for passengers. While anchored off Hungnam she faced possible enemy shelling and air attack, while leaving the harbour had to negotiate an enemy mine field. Her captain, Marinus LaRue was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal. Meredith Victory was one of hundreds of Victory Ships constructed by the US during WWII to carry vital war supplies to and from the country.