Largest dog shelter
Ute Langenkamp: Iubiti Maidanezii
Romania (Pitesti)
The largest dog rescue shelter is Ute Langenkamp: Iubiti Maidanezii near Pitesti, Romania, which can comfortably house up to 3,000 dogs over an area of 45,543 m² (490,220 ft²). The German-Romanian project has been involved in the sheltering, treating and re-homing of dogs since May 2001. Typically street dogs are rescued from inhumane extermination, fed properly, medically treated (including sterilization) and those who are fit, are re-housed/adopted. As of November 2004, the shelter currently holds 2,535 adult dogs, 513 puppies and 53 cats, but that number varies between 2,900-3,100. The area measurement includes all buildings, including store-houses, equipment rooms. The record is based on the number of dogs it can adequately hold, and must have an active programme of re-homing.