Largest display of Taoist statues
Sinying Taizih Temple
16,319 total number
Taiwan, China (Taiwan)

The largest display of Taoist statues is 16,319 and was achieved by Sinying Taizih Temple (Taiwan) at Sinying Taizih Temple in Tainan, Taiwan, on 13 December 2016.

Sinying Taizih Temple is the oldest temple to worship protection deity Nezha. His official Taoist name is "Marshal of the Central Altar" until he was given the title "Third Lotus Prince" after becoming a deity. In this festival, Taoist statues were brought under one roof from temples from across Asia to create this display. The temple wished to attempt this record at this moment in time as 2016 is an important year in the lunar calendar for Taoism with the gods being particularly powerful.