Largest display of origami boats
Hellenic Olympic Academy
230,000 total number
Greece (Athens)

The largest display of origami boats consists of 230,000 boats and was achieved by the Hellenic Olympic Academy (Greece) with the help of 45,000 students, displayed at the Panathinaic Stadium of Athens, in Athens, Greece, on 11 April, 2014.

Covering a total area of 1,438 square meters, the boats were arranged in the shape of a dove. Over 45,000 students spent the day making the boats on location, and with the help of over 250 volunteers, the dove was completed before the end of the day, with the extra boats not even being included in the final total! Guests included 38 Greek Olympic and Paralympic Medalists. The dove was created to "promote the Olympic values such as Peace, Respect, Friendship, Cooperation, Solidarity and Excellence to the youth worldwide."