Largest comic / cartoon strip
Adidas Japan K.K. and Sky Comic project team
3785.35 square metre(s)
Japan (Tokyo)

The Largest Comic Strip measured 3785.35 m² (40, 745 ft² 1 in²) and was achieved by Adidas Japan K.K. and Sky Comic project team at Jonanjima Seaside Park, located next to Haneda Airport in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan, on 25 May 2010.

Adidas prepared this record attempt to cheer on the Official Japan football team for the World Cup. There were 13 frames which depicted each player that was chosen to go to the World Cup. The project team had spent almost half a year to prepare for this the record attempt which was was planned and created by Adidas Japan and Sky Comic project team and the children from elementary schools. The elementary schools were chosen in relation to which school each player had attended.