Largest collection of stick horses
Dan Cavanah
460 total number
United States (Florida)
Dan Cavanah of Florida, USA has amassed 460 stick horses since 1990. Stick horses are sometimes referred to as hobby horses, although they are actually two distinctly different types of items and collectibles. Stick Horses are horses heads on a stick and Hobby Horses can be several different types of horses with the complete body mounted on spring attachments, rockers, wheels, or even fabricated horse bodies that are worn by the rider. Dan had always been an avid lover of horses and in 1990 a friend purchased him a stick horse for his birthday as a joke. The horse caused so much attention amongst his friends and family that Dan was encouraged to begin collecting. To date, Dan has found many different stick horse memorabilia from around the world in different shapes and sizes including ornaments, mugs and picures. Interestingly, the word hobby that is used to mean an interest or pastime derives from the word hobby horse.