Largest collection of shoe horns
Martien Tuithof
1594 total number
Netherlands (Schagerbrug)
Martien Tuithof (Netherlands) has a collection of 1,594 shoehorns that he has amassed since 1977. Martien's collection is housed in the Zijper museum, Schagerbrug, The Netherlands. Martien began collecting shoehorns when he realised that there were so many different types to collect. At the time he had just three, but his interest led him to finding books about these and soon found that they could be made from a number of different materials including wood, leather, ivory, plastic and different kinds of metal. Despite these being a thing of the past, he was amazed at how many he was able to find. As time went on, people began buying these for him as gifts and soon even members of the neighbourhood were becoming interested. Martien was featured in a article for one of the local newspapers and his local celebrity status meant that people began recognising him wherever he went. His favourite shoehorns are the ones he has made from silver, in particular the one he received from his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary.