Largest collection of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia
William Wong
2020 total number
Hong Kong SAR, China (Unknown)

The largest collection of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia belongs to William Wong (Hong Kong) and consists of 2,020 unique items in Hong Kong, China, as was verified on 18 February 2014. William started his collection in 1993, prior to the release of movie. His collection showcases a wide range of pins, jewelry, collectible figure and mini-figures, Christmas ornaments, plushed dolls, kitchen appliances, watches, cards, movies, clothing, ceramics, party supplies, glow-in-the dark figures, bobble heads, stationary, toy sets, a toilet paper holder, and much much more. All of the items in his collection have been individually photographed and classified. Williams says his favorite items in the collection are two gifts, given by his wife, a press kit (with slides), a vendors style guide and a limited edition set of Oogie Boogie plates.