Largest collection of clocks
Robert Kennedy
1,706 total number
India (Chennai)

The largest collection of clocks is 1,706, and was achieved by Robert Kennedy (India) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on 23 September 2017.

Robert was inspired to begin the collection by his late grandfather. His grandfather had worked at a tea estate and was gifted a car and an Ansonia calendar clock for his hard work. His father often shared stories about his grandfather and he was told that in those days, pendulum clocks were a symbol of the rich. The narrations from his father gave Robert great respect for his grandfather and ultimately created his love for mechanical clocks. He then began collecting in 1983.

Robert would spend his spare time visiting scrap shops and flee markets in India on the hunt for antique and vintage mechanical clocks. He takes his time to carefully restore each piece back to their original factory standard. In his entire collection, you will not find a single battery operated clock! In addition, he also owns over 510 mechanical pocket watches which are not included in this collection.

It is Robert's ultimate dream to be able to set up a clock museum in India under a trust and to leave his priceless collection for the benefit of the future upcoming generation.