Largest collection of armoured vehicles
Jacques Littlefield
229 total number
United States (Portola Valley)
The largest collection of privately-owned armoured vehicles numbered 229 as of 3 February 2007, and belong to Jacques Littlefield (USA), who displays them at his family home, Pony Tracks Ranch, in California, USA. The 229 de-activated armoured fighting vehicles are from all over the world and include 70 tanks and even a German Panzer IV! Mr Littlefield's top four tanks from his collection are:
1. The Panzer V, model A "Panther"
2. The Panzer IV
3. The Panzer 1 model "A" ( the first tank type built by the Germans after WWI) 4. The 6 ton light tank, model 1917- The first US Production tank, built in 1917.