Largest caricature
Federico Delgado Heredia
91.35/60.90/631.20 square metre(s)
Uruguay (Montevideo,The Estadio Centenario football stadium)
The largest caricature is 91.35 m (299 ft 8.45 in) in length and 60.90 m (199 ft 9.63 in) in width, measuring 631.20 m² (6,794 ft² 21.6 in²) and was drawn by Federico Delgado Heredia a.k.a Fede Heredia (Uruguay) at the Estadio Centenario football stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 28 June 2011. The caricature is of Diego Forlan the Uruguayan footballer. Federico Delgado Heredia took approx 5 hours 50 minutes to complete the caricature and used 60 litres (13.2 UK gal; 15.85 US gal) of black paint.