Largest caganer
6/2 metre(s)
Spain (Barcelona,Centro Comercial Maremagnum)

The largest caganer, a traditional model figure or statue featured in Catalan nativity scenes, measured 6.00 m (19 ft 8.22 in) in height and 2.00 m (6 ft 6.74 in) at its widest point and was achieved by Maremagnum Shopping Centre in Barcelona, Spain, on 23 December 2010.

As implied in the literal translation of the Catalan word "caganer", the figure depicts the act of defecation. The object itself is a nativity figure traditional to Catalan culture and whilst the origins of the tradition have been lost, it has remained a popular feature in Catalan nativity scenes since the 18th century.

The figure was designed, manifactured and installed by Fabregat (Decoracion de Navidad) and was exhibited in the Maremagnum shopping centre in Barcelona as part of their 2010-2011 Christmas publicity campaign.