Largest 3D balloon sculpture
Lily Tan
79,854 dimension(s)
Singapore (Singapore)

The largest three dimensional balloon sculpture used 79,854 balloons and was constructed by balloon artist Lily Tan (Singapore) and her team of balloon artists in the shape of a robot named 'Sentinel', at Marina Square Shopping Mall, in Singapore, between 12-15 March 2012. The packets of balloons consisted of 100 balloons, with a total of 92,400 provided and 79,854 balloons used. The total width of the sculpture measures 19m, 23.3m in length and 11.5m in height. Lily Tan was the official balloon artist that led this attempt along with her team who are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The sculpture took a total of 50 people and 42 hours to complete with it being displayed in the shopping mall from 16th to 18th March 2012.