Highest thrill ride
Canton Tower
485 metre(s)
China (Guangzhou)

The Sky Drop elevates thrill-seekers to a height of 485 m (1,591 ft 2.45 in) at top of the mast of the Canton Tower, from where they are dropped 31 m (101 ft 8.47 in) back to the top deck at 454 m (1,489 ft 5.98 in). The standing jump vehicle on the east-facing side of the mast sits four, as does the standard sitting jump vehicle facing west. The lift speed (upwards) is 3.7 m/s (11.28 ft/s), while the free fall speed is 16 m/s (48.77 ft/s). The Sky Drop is located in the Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, and opened to the public on 18 January 2012. The Canton Tower or Guangzhou Ta, also known as the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower is 600 m (1,968 ft 6 in) tall. Above the thrill drop, at 488 m (1,601 ft) is an observation point, while at its bottom is the “Bubble tram” with 16 glazed cubicles running on a curved sloping 146-m-long rail (479 -ft) that follows the perimeter of the upper outdoor top-deck between the upper (462 m; 1,515 ft 8.94 in) and lower (450 m; 1,476 ft 4.5 in) point of the top deck. Each cubicle can take 6 persons for a 20-minute ride.