Highest mountain
Mt Everest
8848 metre(s)
Nepal (and China)

Mt Everest (aka Sagarmāthā or Chomolungma), in the Himalayas, has been measured to have a height of 8,848 m. (29,029 ft) and its peak is the highest point in the world.

An eastern Himalayan peak known as Peak XV on the Tibet - Nepal border was discovered to be the world's highest mountain in 1856 by the Survey Department of the Government of India, from theodolite readings taken in 1849 and 1850. Its height was calculated to be 8,840m 29,002ft. It was named Mt Everest after Col. Sir George Everest (1790 - 1866), formerly Surveyor-General of India (1830 - 43), who pronounced his name Eve-rest.