Highest mosque (above ground level)
King Abdullah Mosque
183 metre(s)
Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
The King Abdullah Mosque on the 77th floor of the Kingdom Centre building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is 183 m (600 ft) above ground level and was completed on 5 July 2004. The mosque is open to the public for prayers at the requisite times, and has a caretaker. There is an area designated for washign and ablutions and it is marked as a mosque from the outside. Suggested definition of a Mosque from claimants: The location must be designed as a mosque. The location must be made ready as a mosque. The location must be equipped with amenities such as: A place for washing and ablution There must be electricity and lighting There must be hot/cold air-conditioning There must be a special place for copies of the Quran There must be a designated caretaker for the mosque The Mosque must open for people to pray at the required times There must be a sign or some kind of indicator that the location is a mosque.