Highest catch of a football (soccer ball)
David Seaman, Gavin Henson
102.5 metre(s)
UK (Wembley Stadium,London)
The greatest height from which a football has been successfully caught is 102.5 m (336 ft), achieved by Gavin Henson and David Seaman (both UK) at Wembley Stadium, London, UK, on 6 December 2010. Both are equal record holders - Seaman was the first to catch the ball from the 102.5m crane, Henson followed shortly after. The balls were standard weight and size footballs, which reached a velocity of arounf 85 mph by the time they reached the ground, causing them to bounce 10-15 m into the air! The attempt was organised by Cadbury''s as part of their Spots V Stripes campaign.