Highest capacity wind farm
Jiuquan Wind Power Base
China (Gansu)

The Jiuquan Wind Power Base (sometimes known as the Gansu Wind Farm) in the Gansu province, China, already had an installed capacity of 5.36 GW in operation by 2012, with the intention of reaching 20 GW by 2020. Within the facility, separate arrays of turbines often reach more than 200 km in length. The whole base is also part of an even more ambitious scheme to create a series of seven facilities in the same area, each offering at least 10 GW. Owing to geographic and climatic conditions, the deserts of Gansu are much more suited to wind-power generation than many other Chinese provinces, offering an average annual effective wind-power density of over 150 W/m², while the duration of effective wind speed exceeds 6,000 hours per year.