Highest cable car walk
Freddy Nock
Switzerland (Silvaplana / Corvatsch,,St. Moritz, Silvaplana, Switzerland)

The highest cable car walk is 3,303 m (10,836 ft 7 in) above sea level along a 1,600 m cable car wire which was achieved by Freddy Nock (Switzerland) who managed to walk 572 m (1,876 ft 7 in) across at Silvaplana ski resort, St. Moritz, Switzerland, on 29 January 2011. Freddy Nock originally opted to beat his previous record of longest cable car walk but failed due to extreme weather conditions. He was later given a Guinness World Records title for highest cable car walk as this was the first time this has been attempted and achieved. At 3,300 metres above sea level at the highest point, Freddy Nock managed to walk 572 metres across the cable wire using a balancing pole and no safety equipment. The weather conditions were extremely harsh with Freddy experiencing -15 degree winds during his attempt. The attempt began at 3pm and finished at 5.30pm. The cable car wire was at a 45-50 degree angle and 50mm thick making this an extremely difficult feat for Freddy.