Heaviest turnip
Damien Allard
29.00 kilogram(s)
Canada (Carleton-sur-Mer)

The heaviest turnip weighs 29.00 kg (63lb 14oz), and was achieved by Damien Allard (Canada), as verified in Carleton-sur-Mer, Canada, on 2 November 2020.

Damien had his eye on this record title for a long time. In 2016 he planted a 7 kg turnip, and out of curiosity, he checked the record holder, which measured 17.7 kg. In 2019, he managed to grow a 15.5 kg turnip, merely over two kg away from the record. In 2020, when sewing season came, he planted turnips and nourished them until November 2020, when press and specialists came to verify the turnips.

Damien didn't only grow one record breaking turnip, but three! One of the turnips weighed 22.9 kg, the next 24.4 kg and the official Guinness World Records title holder weighing an astonishing 29.00 kg.