Heaviest gooseberry
Graeme Watson
64.83 gram(s)
United Kingdom ()

A gooseberry grown by Graeme Watson (UK) and submitted to the Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show on 6 August 2019 weighed 64.83 grams (2.28 ounces). The gooseberry was a yellow variety known as "Millennium".

The gooseberry was initially assessed using the society's traditional Avoirdupois system, which logged a weight of 36 drams plus 12.5 grains. Converted to pennyweights, this equated to 64.6 g (2.25 oz). This was already enough to surpass the previous record holding gooseberry which weighed 64.49 g (2.27 oz) on 21 August 2013.

However, a secondary measurement taken on a set of digital scales, which can provide a more precise reading, wielded a slightly greater weight of 64.83 g; this latter weight was the measurement accepted for the record.

The Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Society has been in operation since 1800, making it the longest-running such organization in the world, and one of the oldest of any continually-operating societies in the UK. The show's 220th edition is due to take place on 4 August 2020.

The is the 10th time (and 7th in a row) that Graeme has been named champion at the Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show.

Picture credit: Paul Anthony Wilson