Fish with largest repertoire of tricks
Albert Einstein, Dean Pomerleau
6 total number
United States (Gibsonia)

As of October 2005, the fish with the largest repertoire of tricks is Albert Einstein, a 3 year old calico fantail goldfish who can perform 6 tricks such as playing football or performing limbo. He was trained by his owner Dean Pomerleau at the ‘Fish School’ in Gibsonia, United States. Albert’s tricks are:

1) Eat from Hand - self explanatory

2) Swim through hoop - Albert will wiggle through a hoop sideways that isn't much bigger in diameter than his body.

3) Swim through a tunnel - Albert will swim through a tunnel twice the length of his body and not much bigger in diameter than he is.

4) Limbo - Albert will swim under a limbo bar that is just his body width above the floor of his tank.

6) Play football - Albert will push a tiny football across the floor of his tank and across a goal line.

7) Play Fetch - Albert will retrieve a ball dropped into his tank off the bottom, nudge it to the surface and into Dean Pomerleau‘s waiting hand.