First hat-trick scored in the football (soccer) FIFA World Cup
Bert Patenaude
Uruguay (Montevideo)
The first player to score a hat-trick (three goals in a match) in a FIFA World Cup is Bert Patenaude (USA) playing for the USA in a match against Paraguay at the 1930 World Cup, in Estadio Gran Parque Central, Montevideo, Uruguay, on 17 July 1930. Until 2006, Argentinian Guillermo Stabile was credited with being the first player to hit a hat-trick in a World Cup match having scored three times in his country's 6-3 victory over Mexico on 19 July 1930. But research by FIFA indicated that a goal that was initially credited to the USA's Tom Florie in the match against Paraguay should instead be attributed to Patenaude, thus confirming his hat-trick.