First custard pie thrown on film
A Noise from the Deep (USA 1913)
United States ()
The first ballistic custard pie was discharged by Mabel Normand (USA, 1892-1930) in the direction of Fatty Arbuckle (USA, 1887-1933) in A Noise from the Deep (USA 1913). In subsequent pictures Mabel was generally the recipient of Arbuckles pies. He had an unerring aim and an extraordinary physical dexterity that enabled him to hurl two pies at once in opposite directions! Traditionally, the pie of choice for throwing in actors faces. At first the pies used in slapstick comedies were the real thing, but it was soon found that they had a distressing tendency to disintegrates in the air. A patisserie called Greenbergs in Glendale, California, came up with a solution to the problem - a special ballistic custard pie with a double thickness of pastry and a filling of flour, water and whipped cream. The filling came in two flavours; blackberry if the recipient was a blonde, lemon meringue for a brunette, to show up better on black and white film.
The custard pie weathered the end of the silent era, finding use in 1930s films by Laurel  Hardy and the Three Stooges, and later, in such films as Beach Party (US63) and The Great Race (US65).