Fastest time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female)
Maria Conceicao
41/3/23/39 day(s):hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
South Africa ()
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.
The fastest time to complete an ultra marathon on each continent (female) is 41 days, 3 hr, 23 min and 39 sec and was achieved by Maria Conceicao (Portugal) from 26 January to 8 March 2014.

The race details of the seven ultra marathons she ran are as follows:

Ultra marathon 1 - White Continent 50K, King George Island, Antarctica, 26/01/14 - 6:24:05

Ultra marathon 2 - Punta Arenas 50K, Chile, South America, 30/01/14 - 5:18:58

Ultra marathon 3 - Wadi Bih Solo Canyon 50K, Oman, Asia, 07/02/14 - 6:21:58

Ultra marathon 4 - Moonlight Challenge 2014 50K, UK, Europe, 15/02/14 - 7:18:00

Ultra marathon 5 - Coburg 50K, Australia, Australasia, 23/02/14 - 7:24:53

Ultra marathon 6 - Caumsett State Park 50K, USA, North America, 02/03/14 - 6:59:37

Ultra marathon 7 - Louis Massyn Aldam Ultra Marathon 50K, South Africa, Africa, 08/03/14 - 6:23:39

The timing for this record began when Maria started her first ultra marathon in Antarctica and ended when she crossed the line of her last ultra marathon in South Africa. She ran the races with the record holder for the male category, Ziyad Tariq Rahim (Pakistan), but bettered his time by one second after crossing the finish line of the last race just before him.