Fastest time to ascend a sand dune on a motorcycle
Yongming Tao
6/2 minute(s):second(s)
China Mainland (Badajilin Desert,,Bilutu Peak, Badanjilin desert)
The fastest time to ascend a sand dune (418 m tall)on a motorcycle is 6 minutes 2 seconds and was achieved by Tao Yongming (China) for Zheng Da Zong Yi-Guinness World Records Special when he drove his motorcycle to the top of Bilutu Peak in Badanjilin desert, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, on 23 September 2009. The altitude of the starting line at the foot of the sand dune was 1,183 m (3881 ft 2.71 in) and the top where the claimant reached was 1,601 m(5252 ft 7.37 in). The height of the sand dune was 418 m (1371 ft 4.66 in) . The claimant drove a Suzuki DR 250 motorcycle.