Fastest run 50 metres (male) (indoors)
Donovan Bailey
5.56 second(s)
United States (Reno)

The fastest run indoor 50 m by a male athlete is 5.56 seconds, by Donovan Bailey (Canada) at the Reno Air Games in Reno, Nevada, USA, on 9 February 1996.

Maurice Greene (USA) matched Bailey’s time at the LA Invitational on 13 February 1999, but the record was not submitted for ratification due to the lack of doping controls at the event. Question marks have also been raised about Bailey’s time, with the chairman of the US Federation records suggesting that the athlete had false-started. However, the record was approved 8 months later. In 2015, the Progression of IAAF World Records concluded that “Of the 3 records approved over 50m in this list, only Sanford’s [James Sanford’s time of 5.61 seconds at the Jack in the Box Meeting in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 February 1981] appears to have been statistically valid.”