Fastest motorcycle handlebar wheelie
Jonny Davies
175.785 kilometre(s) per hour
United Kingdom (Elvington)

The fastest motorcycle handlebar wheelie is 175.785 km/h (109.228 mph) and was achieved by Jonny Davies (UK), at Elvington Airfield, UK, on 15 August 2020.

The previous record for this title has not been broken since 2006!

Jonny is an electrical engineer by trade and competes in UK and European freestyle stunt riding competitions in his spare time. He started training for this record in September 2019. He was limited at first as there were no areas long enough to practice and once he was finally able to find a suitable location to train, he only had three days to train due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Despite being comfortable performing the trick at slower speeds, he was concerned about landing and changing gears via the electronic shifter, as one malfunction would have caused a hard landing and potential crash.

Jonny would love to one day attempt the record for ‘Fastest motorcycle wheelie over a kilometre’ but does not currently have the budget to build and maintain a motorcycle capable of challenging for the record. When asked what becoming a Guinness World Records title holder means to him, he said “As a kid reading the Guinness World Records books I would never have imagined one day I would hold a title. I have some feelings of self-achievement however I’m the type of person that thinks nothing is ever enough so I will keep on pushing with new goals. Holding a title will be a quality thing to look back on in years to come.”