Fastest mile on spring loaded stilts
William Serra
6:20 minute(s):second(s)
United States (Anchorage)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The fastest mile on spring loaded stilts is 6 min 20 sec, and was achieved by William Serra (USA) in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, on 6 August 2021.

Will has been running ever since he was a young boy, and recalls finding an interest in running after watching a local mountain race called Mt. Marathon, in a nearby town not far from where he lived. The mountain race is gruelling and is argued to be one of the oldest mountain races. William enjoys running Mount Marathon every 4th of July in Seward, Alaska.

After he came to the conclusion that he wanted to attempt this specific Guinness World Records title, he began training several days a week over the course of a couple weeks. It was much more difficult than he imagined. He is an avid runner, but running on spring loaded stilts required him to learn how to run all over again. The stilts are not light, weighing in at about 18 lb (8.16 kg) for the pair. The running mechanics of running on spring loaded stilts are not natural, and took quite a bit of adjustment to his running habits to run efficiently. He finds the activity to be quite exhausting!

When asked what becoming a Guinness World Records title holder means to him, his response was: "I have been reading Guinness World Records books since the early 1990s when a friend gave me a copy of the 1988 edition. I recalled reading the book cover to cover and was fascinated by all of the unique and awe-inspiring feats that people are able to do when they put their minds to it. I still have that same copy on my desk, and glance at it now and then. I never imagined I might have the skills or abilities to attempt a record myself, but here we are!"