Fastest 10 km pushing a pram (female)
Rachael Rozhdestvenskaya
39:24 minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (Manchester)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The fastest 10 km pushing a pram (female) is 39.24 and was achieved by Rachael Rozhdestvenskaya (UK) in Manchester, Lancashire, UK, on 1 May 2022.

Rachael has been running with a local running club, Sale Harriers, for many years and often takes part in local races. "After I gave birth to my daughter, I started to run with her and I realised I could keep quite a good pace. My 10k times without a buggy are around 38 minutes so I knew there might be a chance we could achieve it. I am a passionate runner, I have been running for around 10 years and I love taking part in local running events and park runs. I loved that I could continue my hobby and involve my daughter in it too. She loves being in the running buggy and being outdoors, it is a great way of keeping fit and allowing my daughter to have time outside with nature.

Rachael ran regularly around 4 times a week and would run with the buggy once or twice a week in training for her attempt.

"It is more difficult to run with the buggy due to the extra weight and it is a lot harder when running up hill but I found the training very enjoyable and my daughter loves it too. It was a bit windy which meant it was tougher to push the buggy when facing the opposite direction in the last 5k but it was mostly plain sailing and a very enjoyable experience."

"It would mean so much, it is a huge accomplishment and it would feel even more special because I would have achieved it alongside my daughter and shared the experience with her. It would be the absolute highlight of my running 'career' and I would love to be an inspiration to other mums who may want to take up buggy running too."