Farthest long jump (male)
Mike Powell
8.95 metre(s)
Japan (Tokyo)

Mike Powell (USA) won long jump gold at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics with his fifth-round leap of 8.95 metres (29 feet 4.36 inches) in Tokyo, Japan, on 30 August 1991. Powell emerged triumphant after a thrilling battle with rival Carl Lewis, in the process beating one of the most enduring records in sport – Bob Beamon’s mark of 8.90 metres (29 feet 2.3 inches), which had stood since 1968.

In Tokyo, Carl Lewis recorded a fourth-round jump of 8.91 metres, beyond Bob Beamon’s legendary mark, although his jump was wind-assisted and thus could not have counted as a world record. The wind had eased from +2.9 to +0.3 by the time Powell jumped in the fifth round, meaning his mark of 8.95 metres could be ratified as a world record.