Greatest simulated distance on a static cycle in three minutes (male)
Miguel Angel Castro
5.80 kilometre(s)
Spain (Tenerife,The Tenerife Auditorium)

The farthest distance static cycling in three minutes was 5.80 km (3.60 miles) and was achieved by Miguel Angel Castro (Spain) in Tenerife, Spain, on 18 November 2010 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.

This record is Miguel Angel Castro's fourth Guinness World Records title to date, for static cycling over different time periods. He has been aptly nicknamed "Recordman" in Tenerife. This particular record attempt required only 3 months of intense training.

Miguel is a 42 year old professional spinning instructor and also works for La Guardia Civil (Spanish police force). He has to follow a strict diet on the day of all of his record attempts to include vegetables and proteins, followed by a chocolate protein bar immediately after the attempt.

The static bicycle used for this attempt was a Riomar.