English National Championships (Tiddlywinks)
Larry Kahn
8 total number
United States ()
Larry Kahn (USA) has won the English Tiddlywinks Association's (ETwA) National Championships singles title a record eight times, between 1984 and 2010. Jonathan Mapley (UK) has won the ETwA's National Championships pairs title an unprecedented nine times, between 1972 and 2000. Note from Patrick Barrie: ETwA (English Tiddlywinks Association) and NATwA (North American Tiddlywinks Association) host the "major" tiddlywinks tournaments (as defined by the International Federations of Tiddlywinks Associations). Tiddlywinks may be played as a "singles" game or as a "pairs" game (much like tennis can be singles or doubles). The "major" championships are therefore ETwA Singles, ETwA Pairs, NATwA Singles and NATwA Pairs. These tournaments are open to competitors from any nation (as is true of, say, the US Open in golf), and so it is the case that an American has won the ETwA Singles title the most often.