Largest cake pop

Largest cake pop
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Nick DiGiovanni, Lynn Davis
44.24 kilogram(s)
United States (Cambridge)
23 November 2021

The largest cake pop is 44.24 kg (97 lb 8.52 oz), and was achieved by Nick DiGiovanni (USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 23 November 2021.

Nick and Lynn went with confetti cake for their mega creation, which required five cups of sprinkles. At the time of measurement, the cake pop had a circumference of 50.75 inches (128.90 cm) and included a 33 inch (83.82 cm) stick.

After the record was achieved, Nick and Lynn distributed the cake pop to friends to make sure none was wasted. The extra, unused ingredients were donated to a local food bank.