Most coins deposited into a piggy bank by a dog in one minute
Jennifer Fraser
18 total number
Canada (Strathmore)

The most coins deposited into a piggy bank by a dog in one minute is 18, and was achieved by Daiquiri, owned by Jennifer Fraser (Canada) in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada on 17 June 2020.

Jennifer realised that her dog, Daiquiri had the skill to achieve a Guinness World Records title while busking in Italy. During the act Daiquiri would pick up dropped coins and place them in a hat. Daiquiri loved to fetch every time he heard a coin drop so it was just a fun game with him so Jennifer knew the record would be something he would enjoy. Jennifer started Daiquiri's training by refreshing his coin fetching skills by first using a hat, then a bottle and eventually with the help of her son’s piggy bank. After using the command for “lower your head” with the piggy bank and lots of praise and treats, Daiquiri was ready for the attempt. The training was a lot of fun for both Jennifer and Daiquiri. Jennifer experimented with several different coins and found that the smaller coins fell in easier into the slot, however because they were so light they would stick to Daiquiri's tongue and he could not drop them so we had to move to heaver coins and decided that Canadian loonies worked best. Jennifer wants Daiquiri to be the dog with the most world records, “he is so special and smart and I know how to read and teach him, together we are a great team and I love him so much and he is utterly devoted to me and loves to learn new things and we both love to be challenged so we have our eye on several world records we plan to master.” Jennifer and Daiquiri love showing the world what they can do.