Heaviest sportswoman
Sharran Alexander
United Kingdom (London)

The heaviest competing sportswoman living is Sharran Alexander (UK) of London, UK, who weighed 203.21 kg (448 lbs) on 15 December 2011.

Sharran is recognized by the British Sumo Federation and has won four gold medals in international competition.

In 2012 we caught up with Sharran to talk to her about her career and achievements:

Where are you from?

Maida Vale, London.

Did you purposefully seek to become a Guinness World Record holder? Or did you enter on a whim out of curiosity?

At the 2011 US Sumo Open I was the heaviest competitor, male or female.

It was a little embarrassing, until Kelly Gneiting (heaviest person to complete a marathon, at a weight of 400lb, in 9 hr 48 min 52 sec) suggested I enter myself for a world record, and here I am today.

Is your size a detriment to your performance, or a help? Have you ever felt pressure to change your appearance? Do you have advice for other aspiring female athletes?

My size is very much an advantage. I've never felt any pressure to gain or lose weight - my current weight loss is down to me, my age, and wanting to feel healthier. I'm aiming to get down to, and then maintain, a weight of 150-160kg. My advice to aspiring atheletes? Just follow your heart and do what you want to do. The recent Paralympics here in London should be proof to you all that anything is possible.

What would you do to prevent your record being broken?

I wouldn't do anything, it wouldn't bother me at all. I love my record for as long as it will last.

Where do you keep your GWR certificate?

On the wall in my living room - The first thing people see when they come round!

How do you feel about GWR, the organisation itself?

I've had a great experience... there's always been someone there to help me, and I've been ringing and emailing them a lot. I'd work there if they have a job going! Do you have anything for me?