Largest board game, Jenga
Caterpillar Inc
United States ()

On 11 December 2015, Archie Lyons and the Global Brand team at Caterpillar Inc (all USA) used five of the company's construction vehicles to build and play a supersized version of the popular game JENGA. Made out of solid pine that was waxed to make it more slippery, each of the 27 blocks measured 96 inches (8 feet; 243.8 centimetres) long, 32 inches (81.2 centimetres) wide and 16.25 inches (41.2 centimetres) high. The tower began with nine layers and ended with 13 after a total of 16 blocks were added; it collapsed as the 14th layer was started.

This means that each block was 32 times the length of a standard-sized JENGA brick.

Overall, the game lasted for around 28 hours.

Each JENGA piece weighed approximately 600 pounds (272 kilograms).

The machines used to play the game of jumbo JENGA were all construction vehicles, typically used to build roads, lay foundations and for landscaping. The models were: 320E, 349E, M326D excavators, a 277D skid loader and a TH514C telehandler.