Tallest coriander plant
Dalbir Maan
2.324 metre(s)
Australia (Mickleham)

The tallest coriander plant is 2.32 metres (7 ft 6.11 inches) and was achieved by Dalbir Maan (Australia) in Mickleham, Victoria, Australia, as measured on 24 November 2021.

Dalbir's father is a farmer and belongs to a family that loves to grow their own food." At home gardening is like riding a horse...you don't have to do it well, but it's a skill that most people have to some extent. I love to have fresh herbs for cooking. Growing my own means, they are as fresh as humanly possible. Coriander is an annual herb that is used in many cuisines across the globe. We use coriander in every dish we cook so that is why I grew coriander in my kitchen garden. In Asian cooking Coriander leaves are used for various seasoning and garnishing purposes. Indian & Asian curried, gravies, salads and soups are highly enhanced with aromatic leaves of coriander.

Dalbir used organic farming techniques to see the plant flourish over the last few months and it took approximately eight months to grow to this height. "I did not use any artificial fertilisers but only a pack of cow manure and vermicomposting fertilizer to provide some extra nutrients. This plant is quite resilient and what makes the growth even more significant is that we did not use any artificial techniques, or a polyhouse or any plastic covering to protect it from harsh weather conditions. Towards the end, because of starting summer season, the plant leaves changed its colour to light yellow, and it was getting hard to protect it from harsh sun later."

"My family will be super proud of me and ultimately, the benefits of being a Guinness World Records title holder is the self-satisfaction that you set a goal for yourself that no one else on earth ever achieved and succeeded. The honour and recognition is worth more than anything I can imagine."