Largest slingshot
Stephen Refsnes, Tom Madland, David Svennevik, Markus Aasmul, Benjamin Rasmussen, Oskar Hove
4.56 metre(s)
Norway (Lyngdal)

The largest slingshot measures 4.56 m (14 ft 11 in) and was achieved by Stephen Refsnes, Tom Madland, David Svennevik, Markus Aasmul, Benjamin Rasmussen and Oskar Hove (all Norway) in Lyngdal, Norway, on 5 October 2019.

The team decided to break this record as, in their own words, they "love being creative and constructing things that normal people probably don't need." The team have a YouTube channel called Stephen & Co, where they documented the process of creating this massive slingshot.

When the team decided they wanted to break this record, it took one month of preparation and research, with two weeks of building on top of that. However, the process was not without its challenges. They realised, as we all do sometimes, that they should've started the project a little bit earlier. This meant working day and night during the final days of the project, in order to finish the slingshot in time for the day of the attempt. On top of this, transporting a 400 kg slingshot to the local stadium was also no easy feat. In the end, they had to contact some people who owned tractors in order to help them transport it. Building an enormous slingshot is no cheap feat either: the slingshot cost 26,000 NOK (approximately 2,605 USD and 2,127 GBP), with the main expenses being for the plywood and glue. The team also had support from a local wood shop who helped them obtain this huge amount of plywood.

In order to achieve the record, the team had to demonstrate that the slingshot was able to function in the same way as a regular slingshot. The slingshot managed to sling an exercise ball a decent distance of 12.58 m (41 ft 3.28 in).

This Guinness World Records title means a lot to the team, as they put a lot of time and money into creating this impressive, out-sized slingshot. Congratulations to them on being Officially Amazing, all the hard work has paid off!