Largest drawing by a team
Randeep Singh, Shefli Gahlawat, Rajiv Gahlawat , Komal Barawal, Nikita Mor, Rimpy Kundu, Arun Kundu
673.45 square metre(s)
India (Rohtak)

The largest drawing by a team is 673.45 m² (7249 ft² 9.08 in²) and was achieved by Randeep Singh, Shefli Gahlawat, Rajiv Gahlawat, Komal Barawal, Nikita Mor, Rimpy Kundu and Arun Kundu (all India) in Rohtak, Haryana, India, on 17 June 2021.

To Randeep and their team, the year of 2020 was highly significant in the terms of art and education. It was the year when The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) was going to celebrate its sesquicentennial anniversary, but the pandemic took all of us by surprise.

Initially, Randeep wanted to celebrate The Met along with all of his team but as the time passed, they had a better idea: to contribute with the meaning of art to the human being.

He and Shefli (also leader of the project) thought that introducing colours onto the front facade of the Met would help to tell its history of diversity and the sense of belonging it brought to people from several parts of the world.

The project, named as The META, started on January 2020 and was finalized in June 2021. The event was organised in the city of Rohtak, Haryana, India, which is 11,696 km from the city of New York (USA).

They tried to reproduce The Met's facade at its minutiae details using photos they could find on the internet. They got the whole drawing assembled on 12 June 2021.

There have been ups and downs in the team but according with Randeep these things were less important than the project's meaning.