Largest marker pen
Zebra Co., Ltd.
1.68324 m X 0.25272 m dimension(s)
Japan (Shinjuku)

The largest marker pen measures 1.684 m (5 ft 6.3 in) long and 25.6 cm (10.08 in) wide, achieved by Zebra Co., Ltd. (Japan) in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, on 5 September 2017.

The attempt was held for the company's 120 year anniversary. The regular sized commercial available marker pen called Hi-Mackee measures 14.027 cm (5.52 in) long and 2.106 cm (0.83 in) wide. Zebra Co., Ltd large marker pen is exactly 12 times larger than the regular sized marker pen. The large item weighs 17.48 kg (38 lb 8.64 oz) with ink amount of 3.14 kg (6 lb 14.72 oz).