Largest amphibious invasion launched
Operation Overlord
155000 people
The allied invasion of France, Operation Overlord, during the second world war is the largest amphibious warfare operation ever undertaken. Over 155,000 men were landed in the first 24 hours of the attack from an assault force of 176,000. Allied forces launched from the United Kingdom, crossed the English Channel and attacked the Normandy beaches in France overnight (with parachute and glider landings, air attacks, naval bombardments and early morning amphibious landings). Supply of equipment and men was undertaken by the use of two artificial Mulberry harbours – each the size of the British sea port of Dover - which sailed across the Channel and were placed in position thus avoiding the need to take any existing ports and harbours in the intitial assaults. The invasion commenced on 6 June 1944 and the initial Normandy campaign lasted until 21 August that year.