Largest water treatment plant
Orascom Construction, The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co)
64.8 cubic metre(s) per second
Egypt (Sinai Peninsula)

The largest water treatment plant is Bahr El-Baqar Treatment Plant with a capacity of 64.8 m³ (2,288 ft³) per second achieved by Orascom Construction and The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co) (both Egypt), in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt on 23 June 2021.

Bahr El-baqar Water Treatment Plant, which produces 2,044,000,000 m³ per year, introduces a sustainable solution for environmental pollution recovery and irrigation water source (via recycling the water of Bahr El-Baqar drain); whereas it protects the environment and generates the water to support the cultivation of 400,000 feddans in Sinai. Bahr El-Baqar treatment plant has a total footprint of 650,000 Square Meters.