Steepest rollercoaster made from steel
TMNT Shellraiser
United States (Rutherford)

The steepest roller coaster made from steel is the TMNT Shellraiser, located at the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park in Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. The ride, which opened to the public on 25 October 2019, features a 43 m (141 ft) vertical lift hill that descends on a slope that curves to angle of 121.5 degrees.

In roller coaster terminology, a 90-degree descent is a vertical drop. Angles greater than 90 degrees indicate a partial inversion. The Shellraiser is slight modification of the design used in the previous record holder, Takabisha, both of which are 1000-series Euro-Fighter roller coasters designed by German engineering firm Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.