Heaviest pendant
Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt Ltd
1681.820 grams gram(s)
India (Hyderabad)
The heaviest pendant weighs 1681.820 gms and was achieved by Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt Ltd (India) at Hyderabad, India as verified on 10 May 2023

The pendant is 22.47 cm (8.85 inches) long, 17.47 cm (6.88 inches) wide, 5.79 cm (2.28 inches) thick, along with studded diamonds, emerald, ruby and 205.260 grams (7.240 OZ) of gold, emerald and diamond chain. The pendant includes 54,666 pieces of diamonds studded with an estimated carat weight of 457.20 carat. The pendant is designed featuring Hindu God Lord Ram along with his family in 18 karat gold, diamonds, rubies & emeralds.