Most points scored at Eurovision
Salvador Sobral
758 point(s)
Ukraine (Kiev)

At the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine, on 13 May 2017, Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral secured his country's first ever Eurovision triumph with "Amar Pelos Dois". The ballad amassed an incredible total of 758 points from the combined jury (382 points) and public (376) votes, including 30 maximum scores of 12 points. Sobral smashed the record set in 2016 by Ukraine's Jamala, whose "1944" attracted 534 points.

The Eurovision Song Contest adopted a new scoring system for the 2016 contest, which increased the number of points available. Prior to 2016, Alexander Rybak's (Norway) "Fairytale" achieved the highest score under the old scoring system, winning the 2009 contest in Moscow, Russia, on 16 May.