Longest distance danced in a conga line
Ipswich Outdoor Group, John Wright, Rachael Norris, Anni Meehan, Paul Jordan, Miriam Burns, Emma Giddings, Rebecca Hughes, Peter Edwards, Steve Seinet-Martin, Karen West, Sarah Sheppard
18.224 kilometre(s)
United Kingdom (Felixstowe)

The longest distance danced in a conga line is 18.22 km (11.32 miles) and was achieved by Ipswich Outdoor Group in Felixstowe, UK, on 28 April 2019.

The team combined two of their favourite activities; being outdoors and having fun, to achieve this record. They dressed up in colourful costumes and performed the conga to the sounds of Black Lace's "Do The Conga". The entire attempt was in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice who the team raised funds for.